Trading Ethereum CFDs allows you to perform trades quickly, without the need to sign up for a cryptocurrency wallet or register on a cryptocurrency exchange. You also have access to exclusive easyMarkets tools and products including easyTrade that let’s you trade with zero spreads and no margin requirements. easyTrade also gives you the ability to define your risk – meaning you will never lose more than you are comfortable with.

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What is Bitcoin?


Ethereum is not heavily affected by geopolitics or macroeconomic events and policy change, but like safe havens is driven largely by demand or selling off of the cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrencies are volatile their prices see big fluctuations even in a short period of time. These rapid movements allow CFD traders to potentially benefit from both directions.


Cryptos + easyMarkets

No need for a cryptocurrency wallet or to register on a cryptocurrency exchange to trade cryptos with easyMarkets. You can start trading instantly.

Risk Management

easyMarkets offers extensive risk management tools including free guaranteed stop loss and negative balance protection – a standard feature on all our accounts.

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