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Trading Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are taking the financial markets by storm. Start trading cryptocurrency CFDs today.

If you’ve heard of Bitcoin, you already know that cryptocurrencies are the newest and one of the most exciting asset classes to hit the global markets in years. Are you ready to trade the cryptocurrency trend?

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Cryptocurrency 101

What is a cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual currencies that are decentralised, operating outside the control of any central authority. What that means for you, as a trader, is that cryptocurrencies are purely reliant on the forces of supply and demand, which can create significant volatility and a wealth of trading opportunities.

Do I need an exchange account?

Great news! You can now trade Bitcoin CFDs directly from your easyMarkets trading account just as you would trade forex, commodities or shares. So, you no longer need an “exchange account” with a virtual wallet to trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It’s so simple to get started, by simply opening an easyMarkets Live Account.

Can I trade Bitcoin?

Yes, you can!  Bitcoin is now available to trade as a cryptocurrency CFD at easyMarkets. You can trade Bitcoin (BTC) against majors such as USD, EUR, GBP, JPY and AUD. Every time you trade a Bitcoin CFD, you are predicting the price movement of the underlying asset, rather than buying or selling the asset itself.

Bitcoin vs. Forex

When we compare a centralised asset such as forex and a decentralised asset like Bitcoin, things get interesting. Traders try to benefit from market volatility when exchanging both FX and cryptocurrencies for other assets, but the fact that Bitcoin operates independently of any governmental intervention, may create significantly greater volatility.  

Instrument Spreads From 1 Contract PIP Value MIN Contract MAX Leverage
BTC / USD 35.00 USD 1 Bitcoin 0.01 USD 0.25 Bitcoin 1:10

Free Bitcoin eBook

Trading Bitcoin
Could Bitcoin be the Currency of the Future?

Is Bitcoin the currency of the future? You be the judge as you read the facts about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in our FREE Bitcoin eBook. Learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Bitcoin and why traders around the world are now trading cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin = New Gold?

Could Bitcoin, a digital currency, really give Gold a run for its money? Surprisingly, the two have a lot in common: both are mined, one digitally and one physically; both are finite; and, neither is tied to a printable currency. So, could cryptocurrencies be an equally good investment as Gold? 

History of Bitcoin

In January 2009, Bitcoin was launched, becoming the first decentralised currency or cryptocurrency. Discover what led up to the launch of the world’s most well-known cryptocurrency, when the first transaction took place, how the Bitcoin exchange was formed and much more. 

Record Highs

Over recent months, the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets have been experiencing record gains with the number of cryptocurrencies in circulation reaching a record high. What’s behind the Bitcoin surge? Will it last? And, what’s the price prediction for the cryptocurrency market by 2020?  

4 Benefits of Bitcoin CFDs

  • The value of Bitcoin is entirely dependent on supply and demand and is free of any governmental influence.
  • Bitcoin tends to see greater volatility than forex, which can create more high-risk trading conditions and opportunities.
  • You can trade Bitcoin CFDs directly from your easyMarkets trading platform and easily monitor your trading activity. 
  • Trading CFDs, rather than buying actual Bitcoins, means that you can trade a greater number of Bitcoins using leverage.  

Risk Management Tools

When trading Bitcoin or any financial asset, please be aware that the markets can be extremely volatile. While volatility and leverage can magnify potential profits, the markets can also move against you, resulting in losses. At easyMarkets, we want you to have access to the latest risk management tools, so that you can control your risk more effectively:

  • We offer fixed spreads, so you can easily calculate the cost of your trading.
  • Take advantage of our guaranteed stop loss and never lose more than your margin
  • There is no slippage on the easyMarkets platform, giving you peace of mind.
  • Our Negative Account Balance Protection means you never lose more than you invest.
  • Call on us for an exceptional trading education and 24/5 personal support


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