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Reviewing Open Positions on easyMarkets Vanilla Options Platform

easyMarket’s vanilla options platform gives users a clean and easy interface to place orders and review open positions. From the open position’s page you can analyse profits and close posi... read more

How to Open an Options Trading Position

The web-based easyMarkets vanilla options platform has three trading modes: New to Options, Basic and Advanced. You choose a mode depending on your experience. Trading in New mode In the New mode, y... read more

Ride the Trend Through Options Trading

This lesson will teach you how to buy options to trade a trend. You should be familiar with the method of selling or buying in the underlying market to trade a downtrend or uptrend, respectively. You... read more

Do Options Require Physical Asset Exchange?

On the trading platform, options are cash-settled. This means the actual physical delivery of assets (currency or commodity) is not required. Instead, at the option’s expiry, cash is credited to... read more

Basics of Put and Call Options

The power of options lies in their versatility. They can be used to speculate market moves or to protect a position. In this lesson, we will focus on how a speculator can make use of easyMarkets vanil... read more

Good Reasons to Trade Vanilla Options

If you are wondering if you can just simply buy and sell options to make money, the answer is yes you can! These easyMarkets lessons start by teaching you the most simple ‘buy’ strategies ... read more

Introduction to Vanilla Options

Congratulations! You have decided to learn about options and our goal at easyMarkets is to make learning about options both interesting and easy. Did you know options are another way to trade the mar... read more

Risk Management Tools

When you use leverage to buy or sell you may be exposed to a large risk (and you may also be exposed to a large profit!). In other words, the use of leverage will amplify the risk you are taking as yo... read more

Basic Terminology of Online Trading

Leverage Leverage is the practice of putting a small amount of money down (as a deposit) to trade a much larger amount. For example you could put down £1000 to trade a £100,000 deal. The ... read more

Is There an Exchange of a Physical Asset?

Not all investors require the physical delivery of a product. Instead, they buy a product with the expectation that its value will increase and they will be able to sell it for a profit. These investo... read more

Introduction to Financial Assets Trading

Welcome to the financial markets! This article will provide you with a brief introduction to trading products such as gold, oil and currency pairs. Imagine, you lived in the 1900s and you had to trav... read more