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The popular MT4 platform with easyMarkets trading conditions

Combine easyMarkets trading conditions with MT4’s powerful features. Negative balance protection & fixed spreads are available to you when using this popular trading platform.

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What is MT4?

MT4 has become a popular trading platform amongst traders due to its ability to integrate a wealth of features which allows for tailored market analysis and automated trading.

This trading platform also allows clients with advanced trading knowledge to customize their terminals and display multiple live charts while using technical indicator overlays – which can be either pre-prepared or custom.

Why use MT4?

MT4 is the preferred platform of advanced traders due to the sheer amount of information displayed in one window. This information can be extensively user-defined, windows can be moved around and changed in the interface; overlays and technical indicators can also be used.

easyMarkets MT4 Features

  • One Click Trading
  • Pre-installed Indicators and analysis tools
  • Create custom trading templates or choose from predesigned templates
  • Over 20 Years historical data so you can back-test your Expert Advisors
  • Multiple order types including Market Orders and Pending Orders

easyMarkets Conditions on MT4

  • 80+ markets including currencies, metals, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies
  • Fixed spreads for price transparency
  • Account base currencies available: USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, ILS, CNY, NZD, NOK, CHF, JPY, PLN, SGD, ZAR
  • Margin Call when Equity / Used Margin = 70%
  • Deal Stop Out when Equity / Used Margin = 30%
  • All Expert Advisors allowed

easyMarkets MT4 Order Types

No matter what type of order you place, easyMarkets guarantees no dealer intervention. We are proud to be a market maker and this allows us to keep our spreads fixed and never disable trading no matter how volatile markets get.

Order types

Market Orders The most straight forward type of order, this opens a trade – place buy or sell orders at the current market price.
Pending Orders This type of order allows you to buy or sell at a pre-determined price in the future. Pending orders can be:
  Buy Stop - Set the price you would like your position to open at. This type of order can be used when the current price is lower than the value you set. This is used when the client thinks the price will reach a certain level and continue increasing.
Sell Stop - Much like buy stops, this allows you to open a position at a predetermined price level. The difference is the price is currently higher than the value you set. This is used when the client assumes the price will reach a level and continue falling.
Buy Limit - When your instrument’s price reaches the level you set, a buy order will be performed. This is used when the price is falling, and it is assumed it will reach a price and increase.
Sell Limit - This opens a sell order when the instrument’s price reaches the level you set. This is used when it is assumed the price after increasing will reach a level and then reverse and drop.

easyMarkets MT4

easyMarkets MT4

easyMarkets MT4

easyMarkets MT4

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